Sunday, February 5, 2012

Original Quotes and Musings 2010

"I will never feign to deny that "Spring cleaning of the Soul" is a fragile place to dwell in. It is a vast responsibility for one to own their errors, and an even more epic accomplishment to overcome them" - TC

"In the descent down the Rabbit Hole of Life, a TRUE FRIEND is not the one who dashes ahead, ensuring his grand arrival at the Tea Party. He is the one who stays behind, helps you out, brushes you off, and holds your hand tightly as you pass through the Looking Glass side by side" - TC

"Delving deep into soul and core deconstuction. A truly humbling and difficult process, yet there is pure beauty in vulnerability. With clarity comes honesty, with honesty comes truth, and with truth comes re-birth of one's highest self". - TC'

"I am grateful for yoga and caffine. Otherwise today would have climaxed with the unleashing of the flying monkeys and all sorts of Snidely Whiplash moustache twirling dastardly deeds of epic proportions ensuing based on the ominous mood I am in. Please stay out of my way until I have had my 1st cup of coffee and a down d...og, unless you would like to be tied to a railroad track alongside Sweet Nell." - TC

"I am amazed at the imaturity and hard heartedness of some people. The words "I'm sorry" are cathartic and healing. It takes maturity and humility to take responsibility for your own actions and change the dynamic. If you end up walking the path alone, at least you know you walk the way of the BIGGER person. I have won. So mote it be." - TC

"And when they ask her about the men in her life (and they always ask her about the men in her life), she says, "Well, they were Poets, Mages, and Warriors, and yet, they were priests of nothing, but they were Legends" - TC

"Laura Croft, can I be you when I grow up? I find it inspiring, empowering, and SEXY AS HELL that a woman can save a planet, wield a sword or a gun, perform all sorts of martial arts, and still maintain a fabulous mane of hair and perfect make up whilst KICKING SOME SERIOUS ASS!" - TC

"I am WOMAN, hear me roar.......or at least watch me flex:)" - TC

"I love it when we let go of something and all the space and energy we were holding is released and the Universe comes along in the most BEAUTIFUL ways to open new doors for us! Thank you FB for some great new friendships I am forging today! Met the lovely Gail and Ali, from FROU FROU FROU today! Cannot wait to collabor...ate with you! Tonight, off to the Magic Castle for "Broads night out" with sexy magician and new FB friend Eden Draven! Thank you all for honoring me with your wonderful spirits!" - TC

"This weekend: a journey to "The Dork-side - Historical Style". ComicCon, E3, and BlizzCon ain't got NOTHIN' on the Estrogen POWER-PACKED epic weekend that is COSTUME COLLEGE! The ULTIMATE summit of all things corset, crinoline, and costume packed into 3 days! Ladies see you all there!" - TC

‎"DORK-SIDE DOMINATION", NINJA STYLE:), in stilletto's and scarlett lipstick of course!" - TC

"My esteemed colleagues: I must decline your generous invitation to COMICCON. Watching millions of socially inept nerds regress back to theirpre-pubescence at the sight of Dork-dom's every wet dream within a 10 feet reach, not to mention, rotund species of the female gender prancing
around in dental floss, makes me want shove an icepick up my
urethra. Let the madness ensue and may the Force be with you all!" - TC

"Yoga body, Jedi mind:) Thank you Universe for directing me to the best kept
secret in Los Feliz, Shakti Box. I have been reminded that the Villiage
is where I belong, not on the West Side. It is a treasure as I embark
on a new path of healing, transition, and strength. And so the journey begins............" - TC

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