Sunday, February 5, 2012

TMC - Projects and Happenings 2009

Greetings family, friends, artists, and peers:

I usually do not send out a mass mail about the work or projects I am involved with currently, but it is that time of the year to re-group, release, and reload, so , I figured "Why not?". I have had the good fortune to be involved with several wonderful projects lately.

The 1st was an article in the November issue of "American Art Collector" magazine. The painting I collaborated on with artist Adrian Gottlieb( entitled "Nimbus" (attached) was recently featured in an article showcasing the annual Waterhouse Gallery show "Great American Figurative Artists" in November.

The painting is currently on display at the Waterhouse Gallery and featured online at:

To view the entire exhibit click here:

Second project was the release of the film "The Maiden Heist" starring Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and Marcia Gay Harden on DVD this month. The movie features a painting done by artist Jeremy Lipking ( that I posed for in Fall 07 (see attached graphic of Christopher Walken holding the painting). Due to funding the movie was never released commercially but is on DVD. Here is the trailer for the movie:

Here is a review:

Lastly, I had the fun opportunity to be featured (as classic actress Jean Harlow) in a short B&W film "Night at the Cicada" about the vintage nightclub Cicada Club. It was filmed in Oct at their "Hollywood Halloween Party". I was used in the opening and closing spots on the film. Very delightful project! Can be viewed here:

There is alot brewing and I am starting a blog to create the foundations of the book I am writing about being a modern day muse.
It will be officially titled "Figuratively Speaking: Musinfgs of a Modern Poser (TM)

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