Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TMC Original quotes and thoughts 2/14/2012

''Today something occurred that has only happened one other time in my 10 yr career. After a heartfelt lecture and introduction from me to a class about the honor I feel it is to be called as a muse, I patiently explained that cameras, phones going off, open doors, and talking are disrespectful to me as well as their fellow artists. 40 pairs of eyes and nodding heads confirmed to me we could proceed. Mid pose the door opened 3 times, 2 phones went off and were answered, and a peeping Tom entered class. I broke pose, got dressed, apologized and walked out. If you are not mature enough to show some respect, then your damn sure not adult enough to have the privilege of seeing me without my clothes on!'

''After 10 yrs in the business, it STILL shocks me when I run across artists who have COLOSSAL egos and take themselves WAY TO SERIOUSLY. Perhaps when you get over yourself, you will find a masterpiece is lovely to look at and talent is a blessing, but when it is coupled with empathy, humility, and a SENSE OF HUMOR, then you have enough bountiful gifts to last a DOZEN lifetimes.''

"Already SO OVER Lana Del Rey........pretty for sure, but mediocre voice and SNL BOMB, she has sent the overexposure machine on overdrive. I'm discovering the people who think she is "amazing" or hypnotic" are mostly vapid 20 somethings who have all the emotality and passion of a thimble full of water. If you want to be "moved" listen to the mothers of avant garde, Kate Bush or Patti Smith. The only new artist who even comes CLOSE is Florence and the Machine. Enough of this tripe, PLEASE!!!"

"Am I considered ''abnormal'' because I think it accinine that middle aged women ''text'' their daughters rather then ''speak'' to them, get as excited as they due at the newest episode of ''Glee'', and swoon the same way at the pre-pubescent, pasty faced, metro-sexual male cast of ''Twilight''? Sorry folks, give me intellegent CONVERSATION, Fox News, and Sam Elliott any day!"

‎"And when they ask her about the men in her life (and they always ask her about the men in her life), she says, "Well, they were Poets, Mages, and Warriors, and yet, they were priests of nothing, but they were Legends" 

"all of my recent frog kissing endeavers are sadly morphing into a rather vast library of "Fractured Fairytails"......"

"Sometimes the most sobering thing in the world is to be drunk on your own potential and clarity......."

"I have a date this weekend......and he is gainfully employed. Hell has OFFICIALLY frozen over."

‎"Count your blessings, you THICK HEADED SAP!" - what my inner voice reminds me on days I am less then stellar or blue about life. How many people (in the worst economy in 80 years) can say that they made a living today working with the GREAT Bill Perkins sitting still for 3 hrs in a Princess Leia costume...."

‎"**DEAR FB FOLK**- stop "GROUPING, POKING, AND FARMVILLING" ME - Mercury is in retrograde FULL SWING and I have no time for f*ck*&g mindless rubbish....I will burn all your crops, kill all your farm animals, stake all your vampires, and gun down all your thugs in your stupid "Mafia Wars".....and don't send me any damn hearts, flowers, or good tidings on my wall....I will get "Snidely Whiplash" on your ass and tie you to the railroad track alongside "Sweet Nell"....."

"Caffine and yoga will not suffice.......it will be a hemlock and deuling pistol kind of day......with a unibomber twist......"

"I TRULY ABHOR Valentine's Day. Thanks to all the dim-witted souls of my gender for this ''celebratory'' day of bullshit and ballbusting. My heart BLEEDS to the men who love you & show you 364 days of the year, but TODAY no gesture will be appreciated because you will be busy bitching about what he DOES NOT do for you & any words of love from him will drown in your estrogen war-cry of "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY!" - BAH-HEART-BUG!!!!!!"
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