Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Private Parts"

Having the opportunity to work with many talented and
inspiring artists is an amazing blessing. Everytime I
receive an invitation to create and bring my talents
to the table in a collaboration, I take it as a gift.
As models we find ourselves in the unique position of
being the compass to direct where the creative energy
of a session goes. I find that if it is an organic
collaboration, filled with genuine beauty and intent,
then the outcome is usually fulfilling. Art work is
produced with satisfaction, energy is positive, and I
am a little more humble that I have been respected
within my profession. There are all types of with artists. All of this individuality
is what makes the creative process awe inspiring and a
personal journey. Sometimes I ask myself the question
"I expose everything body and soul within my work,
what part of myself will be kept private?" Models are
vulnerable when they choose to expose themselves. It
should be taken as a great gift by an artist who is
seeking to create something from the figure. It is
not only about the physical. There is a huge element
of purity and spirituality that goes with being called
to inspire. Sometimes I find my self in a situation
with artists who have a different perspective then I
do. It saddens me to come by this. As a model, there
is no greater disrespect then being put in a position
to "titillate" and "excite" someone who takes
advantage of your vulnerability when you expose
yourself. There is a measure of sensuality in the
model/artists relationship. There has been for
hundreds of years. It is always my hope that a true
artists will know the difference of what is being
offered to draw from CREATIVELY, rather then
PHYSICALLY. Boundaries sometimes seem to be blurred
or not heeded at times by those that perhaps see an
art model as someone to "play" with or "shock". This
is a disrespect to those in the profession who put our
trust in the artist who chooses us. Inspiration and
creativity are not created if someone is disrespected
or made uncomfortable. It kills the beauty of organic
inspiration. If someone is not invited to cross a
boundary, it is an emotional "rape" to force that type
of connection singularly. I myself have found myself
in positions like this and have to firmly establish
the boundary and professionalism again and again.
Models are artists as well, and it is an emotional
murder to take from us that which is not offered.
Sensuality and Sex are two very different things. I
have been moved spiritually by certain artists and we
have created a great and creative "love affair" that
transcends onto the canvas. My ability to be called
upon to inspire something deep in their soul that
helps them to utilize their god given talent. It is
an awesome thing. The energy is tangible when it is
positive. It is an electric and heady thing. This
gets killed when it is bastardized by those who are
out to snatch from someone they see as a victim. We
expose ourselves for a love to create, not to be
victimized by people who have a twisted sense of what
the purity of the process is. I have been a privy to
many situations lately where a model has been treated
with this disrespect. It is ugly and foul and a
shame. Please treat this offering of our selves for
the sake of art as what it is....a great and special
gift. For the sake of our spiritual "anatomy", rather
then our physical one, please let us have our boundaries
respected and at least one "part" of who we are "private".

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