Sunday, February 5, 2012

Travelin’ Light

I love the my belief system it is a time to reap the rewards of the harvest and "clean out" and gear toward the year ahead. It has been a blessed Fall...filled with direction and promise of the upcoming time ahead. I have been in "purge" mode in ALL capacities. From clothing to the slate....I welcomed this time and promised myself to take a good hard look at the last yr and make some steady decisions. No chaos or shallow connections anymore. Like tossing out an "unflattering" article of clothing, I mentally "tossed out" certain people and situations that are "unflattering fits" and did NOTHING to uplift or inspire me in a TRUE way weeks ago (thank goodness in the clothing purge capacity, Annmarie and I are hosting our infamous Fall clothing swap and champagne brunch next week!) In taking this journey inwardly, one needs to take a good hard look at their own antics and take justifiable responsibility as well. I am no
Saint. Nor do I pretend to be. But I have grown from my experiences. It is ALL about progress and doing things differently. I have had a truly changeable year.....clearing the decks within SEVERAL sub-cultures and professional circles was a MUST. It included giving anything that could possibly invite chaos a WIDE BERTH. Though hard at times (and a bit lonely) it has paid off..... My life the last few months has been filled with only the best of the best. Filled with dazzeling, talented, loving and LOYAL people who I depend on for a higher standard of living and non-stop opportunities of prosperity. I have learned from these people. They are treasures.....they set their creed to being "real" at all times.....we spend more time in the "real world" sharing and LIVING and CREATING true bonds. I no longer have to hear "why are you not present on myspace?" or "Why is your profile not done?", MAYBE JUST MAYBE, cause I am too busy livin' in
the real world and making something of myself to take the time to build a ficticious characature of myself online......... I admit I have used this technical albatross for personal reasons too, like the rest of us. I did create an online "portfolio" for my art model work (AND I AM 36!). But I use measured restraint to eliminate my "social time" here BIGTIME (when are you going to GET that if YOUR PERS PAGE TAKES 10 HRS TO LOAD I AM NOT GOING TO LOOK AT IT!!!!

Now off to bed...I shoot a commercial on Wed that might single-handidly pay for my trip to Italy in the spring...I must get my beauty rest....

"Live life FABULOUSLY....and retain a size 2 figure"......that is the best revenge......and I intend to do BOTH EXQUISITLY...........:)

In the words of the immortal bard, Billie Holliday.....

No one to see
I'm free as the breeze
No one but me
And my memories
Some lucky night
It may come back again
But until then

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