Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism tells us to take charge of our own destinies.
There is nothing wrong with that....I guess I am
arguing for something slightly different: don't take
charge of your destiny to merely compete with men. In
doing so you admittedly gain a great deal-status,
money, certain kinds of respect-but you are liable to
lose a great deal too....You can lose your femininity,
your essence. You can turn men into frightened
weaklings emasculated creatures with whom you wouldn't
want to have an affair even if they summed up the
courage to ask you. Women seem to not have the sense
to hold onto their femininity.....I believe we can be
the heroines of our own lives.....IF we use our
determination, courage, and self respect and even
beauty in a humble, pure way, all those things
feminism had given us can help us to become a ROMANTIC
heroine...we are so use to being in control of our
worlds that sometimes it is hard to cease control. It
is hard simply to see, to feel, to listen, to be
passive instead of assertive....I guess we can apply
that in many ways...the career woman who comes home
and might find it hard to take notice of how wonderful
her mate is or how amazing her children are....In so
many ways (that being one) we need to remember to make
the transition from active, assertive person to the
essence of the feminine...a woman who is passive,
watchful and patient...

Some introspective stuff for my gender to ponder...great power in
the feminine mystic, when used wisely....

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